Our main goal is to improve the flow of information in the administrative channels.


To do this we assume that a blocked workflow generates waste of time, misuse of resources, human wear and a negative impact on the economic aspect.

We know that information in due time and manner is critical for decision-making. For this reason we aim to ensure that its management satisfies every need in the present, and to provide support through the change process to make it sustainable in the future.

At Improve-in we rely on professionals capable of adapting to any business and wide experience in organizations of different sizes and fields:

  • Sales
  • Payments
  • Stock
  • Checking Accounts
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitality
  • Mass consumption
  • Financial

But the most important fact is that we rely on professionals with the capacity to adapt to any business and learn from it, to provide a 100% suitable and effective service.


In our business, you have to embrace change, questioning and thinking incessantly about what else can be done, as a set of constants. It is a big challenge, but we know that the key is to see things from a perspective of improvement, and therefore growth.

The decisions taken should be aligned with the defined strategy, and for this technology acts as an enhancer and facilitator providing information in a timely manner, optimizing processes, intellectually preparing people on the team, opening new opportunities or channels, sharpening communications indoors and outside the agency, and we can continue...

We must not lose sight that not getting on technological change, or rushing into it, may negatively impact the business and can be a scenario difficult to revert. Here we find that the relationship between the business-side people and technology partner lacks "accountability", as well as the commitment made in the definition of objectives, execution and results measurement.

Often within organizational cultures, shared mental biases generate invisible barriers in the thoughts of the members and make it difficult to make decisions in order to improve the business, the real purpose for which we measure ourselves.

In technology, we should detect the following attitudinal symptoms as potential problems:

  • The wait and "see what happens" is commonplace
  • Confusion, waiting for someone to say what to do and being too passive
  • Act as if it were the now our job
  • Ignoring or denying
  • Blame others
  • Cover oneself

Some examples:

  • This was always done this way, and must continue to be made that way
  • Do not try to reinvent the wheel now
  • I can't computarize it because here things are done on demand
  • I did't know that today was the deadline
  • Lost documents
  • It's very complicated and I do not have a tool that simplifies the analysis
  • It takes me too long to create a dashboard, I just follow my instincts and see what happens

Why Improve-in should be the technology partner?

Our shared experience and our beliefs allow us to guarantee that we have the knowledge and skills to bring to light the opportunities for improvement in each organization in terms of process and information flows.
These are the four pillars and the four fundamental responses to the question:

  • Because we know the problems that exist in technology and information
  • Because we know how to address or mitigate these problems
  • Because we put ourselves on the side of our customers
  • Because we focus on the solution, the result, and aim for long-term

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