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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 09:28

Interview from TD Tecno de Canal 9 Litoral

Con motivo de nuestra participación en TEDx Laguna Setúbal, nos entrevistaron de Canal 9 Litoral para el programa TD Tecno, conducido por Federico Cioni.

A continuación podés ver la entrevista:


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Being in a confortable time-zone with America and Europe, and having an experienced multi-language team (English, Spanish and Portuguese), we specialize on implementing Custom Software and FinTech solutions with focus on business processes, crafting them together with our Clients and based on their needs.

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We specialize in understanding and optimizing the flow of information in all the administrative processes of an organization.

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From the Blog

The mental process that leads us to think creatively is something that can be improved if we try to understand how it works. Even more if we consider that our brain has the ability to create and recreate neural networks during our lifespan (neuroplasticity)....

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