We are a team of information systems engineers with strong skills in custom software development.

Being in a confortable time-zone with America and Europe, and having an experienced multi-language team (English, Spanish and Portuguese), we specialize on implementing Custom Software and FinTech solutions with focus on business processes, crafting them together with our Clients and based on their needs.

Our goal is to provide the best solution, and in order to do it we focus on truly understand the business and its operation, setting up a group of solutions that not only suit the organization needs, but also are feasible and sustainable.

We work with a wide range of the latest technologies for reaching the different levels of expectation and requirement. Here are a few:

PHP Microsoft .Net Framework Java MySQL Microsoft SQL Server Android HTML5 angularjs web jQuery

Our methodology

This is the global methodology we use to face any challenge presented in front of us:

From the Blog

The mental process that leads us to think creatively is something that can be improved if we try to understand how it works. Even more if we consider that our brain has the ability to create and recreate neural networks during our lifespan (neuroplasticity)....

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