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We build full-range solutions for Online Investing platforms.

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What we offer

We build your online investing platform using the most solid web development standards, on top of the robust API provided by our powerful FinTech engine.

Through your front end platform (Web & Mobile), your users will be able to sign up, review the offerings, invest and manage their investments. The Web Platform will connect to the engine API under the hood to retrieve and store all the information in the most secure way.


Crowdfunding / Crowdlending

Deal/project origination, investment, payment, deal rooms, secondary markets

Back Office

Administration of every aspect of the process via a powerful Back Office

Content customization

Content Management System (CMS) to manage the static and marketing aspects of your website/platform

UI/UX Themes

Pre-defined themes and templates to help a visually appealing and ready-to-launch website


Secure connection and data storage, leveraged by Crowd Valley Bank Grade secured infrastructure


Wide range of feature selection and 3rd party services integration

User friendly Front-end

We work with stable and robust web & mobile technologies for implementing the different and flexible business models the FinTech industry demands.

We will build a Platform that fits your needs and presents a user friendly interface for managing all kinds of financial investments.

Powerful Back Office

Our FinTech engine is built upon a specialized infrastructure for bringing offline lending or investing processes online into digitally native applications. We supported over 100 enterprise clients, ranging from California to Japan and an ecosystem of Partners that spans multiple companies.

Key aspects

  • Bank Grade Security. Proven and secure
  • Future proof; add in new services, build on top of the API, data export
  • No long term contracts, pay per use
  • Expanding list of integrated services, ranging from compliance and KYC / AML services, credit reports, transfer documents and e-sign services, payments and escrow, data and research and much more
  • Sophisticated regulatory compliance support and workflows built based on best practices gathered through over 100 clients served
  • World renowned fintech team, diligently working hard to support your business through our global product and partner network

Pick a plan

Choose the alternative that best fits your needs.
Keep in mind that it is always possible to start with "White Label" and move to "Custom Setup" in the future. 

White Label

  • Theme from gallery
  • Standard crowdfunding/crowdlending platform features and workflow
  • Content Management System
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Server Hosting in Amazon

Custom Setup

  • All features included in "White Label" plan
  • Business process analysis
  • 3rd Party services integration (KYC/AML, Payments, etc.)
  • Custom UI/UX implementation
  • Custom features development

Get your MVP

Get your platform up and ready in no time with the pre-built White Label product.

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Select features and customize

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