Software Development

We build custom software based on your requirements


Our great team specializes on the best techonologies of the market. We have full stack developers for .Net, PHP, Java, NodeJS, HTML5, etc that can take care of the Front-end as well as the Back-end.


We build native apps for Android and iOS. On selected cases we leverage on hibrid technologies such as React Native. 


We got our hands on all major database engines such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc. Either if it's SQL or NoSQL, we pick the most suitable alternative for each project based on scalability.


Using Distributed Ledger Technology we are able to implement solutions that require a certain level of security, immutability or open traceability. We build and deploy smart contracts to add trust and automate existing or new processes in FinTech or other industries.


Interoperability is key for complex system architectures with related components. We can plug in different software products and enable them to exchange information using community-accepted standards like REST and SOAP.

Agile Methodologies

We base our work in the best practices to guarantee the quality of our service and the products we built. This allows us to optimize our resources as well as to give our Clients transparency of project progress. Using our own management platform we keep our Clients involved and track our deliveries.

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