Improve-in, with Nicolas de la Cruz, Head of Sales & Business Development, at the helm, showcased its expertise at the recent SoftDay conference hosted by ComparaSoftware. This event, delving into the pivotal role of digital tools in business enhancement, highlighted Improve-in's insights into the challenges and future trajectory of B2B commerce.

Key Insights:

  • B2B Commerce Challenges: Nicolas addressed critical pain points in B2B commerce, providing key insights into industry challenges.
  • Future Outlook: The presentation explored the evolving landscape of B2B commerce, emphasizing the role of digital solutions.
  • Focus on "OrderToB": Improve-in, led by Nicolas, shed light on its upcoming product, "OrderToB," poised to address pain points in orders capture from multiple channels for B2B companies.

"We're thrilled to have shared our perspective on B2B commerce at SoftDay, underscoring our commitment to addressing industry challenges," said Nicolas de la Cruz. "With OrderToB, we aim to not only solve these challenges but become a pivotal piece in reshaping how businesses approach omnichannel order capture. We envision 'OrderToB' as an indispensable solution, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of B2B operations, and driving efficiency in ways previously unexplored."



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