Diego Gurpegui, CTO of Improve-in, recently played a key role in the "Descentralizar" conference, spanning three cities in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Puerto Madryn, and Mendoza. This unique conference, committed to responsibly introducing and educating individuals about Bitcoin and crypto, aims to reach diverse audiences in locations typically underserved by such events.

Key Contributions:

  • Introduction to Bitcoin: Diego delivered an insightful introduction to Bitcoin, providing attendees with foundational knowledge about the cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin Wallet Workshop: Diego took charge of a workshop focused on Bitcoin wallets, offering practical guidance to participants.
  • Expert Panel Moderation: Diego moderated a panel discussion featuring industry experts, enriching the conference with diverse perspectives on daily use cases for cryptocurrencies.

The "Descentralizar" conference is a testament to Improve-in's commitment to fostering education and awareness about cryptocurrencies in regions where access to such information might be limited.

Recording of the edition in the city of Mendoza: