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Selling, negotiating software

Selling software is not an easy task for start-ups today. The market is big, solutions abound, and there are very large and distinguished corporations in the market.
Okay, let's start with what does not work: have you ever heard someone offer "integral solutions", "applications in any language", "software maintenance", "project development"? No matter how sophisticated and efficient it sounds, it does not say anything specific; besides, let's be honest, even though you can dedicate yourself to everything, it is not optimal for a start-up because intellectual resources can abound, but humans can not, and if you want to maintain a good standard of quality, you have to specialize.

Preparing ourselves to Negotiate

In the following lines where I'll try to do just an overview of important aspects to consider in the process of negotiation, I want to emphasize the importance of communication and the capacity of understanding the others and oneself. These points are fundamental to discover common interests between us and others.

What is "IT"?

The question posed in the title of this article seems very simple to answer, and even in their own words many of the people reading this might describe what they think is IT. And the fact is that their definition is likely to be very correct, although perhaps incomplete.

The often used IT acronym comes from the words Information Technology. When most people think of Information Technology, focuses more on "Technology" and less on "Information" which is, to me, even more important. By (simple) definition "Technology" is a tool for a purpose, therefore we are left to ask ourselves what is that purpose and not to lose focus on it. And that purpose is about the information itself; the gathering, processing, transmission, storage and, in some cases, interpretation of that information in order to make better decisions.

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