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AI Tools: 5 Key Considerations for Software Developers

Explore the dynamic world of AI integration with our latest article. Discover the perks of tools like ChatGPT for developers, along with key considerations to ensure a seamless and responsible incorporation of AI in software development. From biases to data correctness, we've got you covered. Dive in for a balanced perspective on optimizing your coding game with AI!

Pull Request Etiquette: Building Better Code Together

In the dynamic world of software development, collaboration is key. Whether you're part of a company project or an open-source community, creating Pull Requests (PRs) is how we make progress. This article is your guide to PR etiquette and best practices, making teamwork a breeze and code contributions a joy. Let's dive in and build better code together!

Better Together: Tips for Software Developers Working in Teams

Collaborating with other software developers can be both rewarding and challenging. However, to ensure that your team works efficiently and effectively, there are several best practices to follow. In this article, we'll explore some essential tips for working in a team of software developers. By following these tips, you can help your team deliver high-quality code, communicate effectively, use agile methodologies, and continuously learn and improve.

Selling, negotiating software

Selling software is not an easy task for start-ups today. The market is big, solutions abound, and there are very large and distinguished corporations in the market.
Okay, let's start with what does not work: have you ever heard someone offer "integral solutions", "applications in any language", "software maintenance", "project development"? No matter how sophisticated and efficient it sounds, it does not say anything specific; besides, let's be honest, even though you can dedicate yourself to everything, it is not optimal for a start-up because intellectual resources can abound, but humans can not, and if you want to maintain a good standard of quality, you have to specialize.

Embracing the inevitable, a reflection on Blockchain immutability

You might have heard that Blockchain is immutable, but that is a lie!... well not quite, but the ledger is technically modifiable.

One of the many things I found very interesting about the concept of Blockchain introduced by Bitcoin, is how the Proof of Work model works, and how it makes the blockchain immutable (among other things). Specially when you consider that digital data can always be modified, no matter what. The blockchain technology deals with it, and thinks ahead. That’s an important aspect when you are trying to build a system for transferring value in a trustless* way.

Firebase database and Android Sync

I want to share my experience with Firebase Realtime Database and it's integration with Android using the "offline" mode it provides. I won’t get into a lot of technical details but instead I will give a few highlights of how it was for me.
Spoiler alert... it was great!

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