The creative process

The mental process that leads us to think creatively is something that can be improved if we try to understand how it works. Even more if we consider that our brain has the ability to create and recreate neural networks during our lifespan (neuroplasticity).

For that reason it is very useful to know, even in a simplified manner, how our brain works. Throughout this article I will try to summarize those concepts which, for me, are the most important when we talk about the operation of our mind in relation to creativity.


Solution Selling

General review about "Solution Selling", the premium book that Michael Bosworth launched in 1995.

We will explain: the conceptual framework proposed to start Advisory Sales Processes of Services and Products Software, the sense of comprehensive Commercial focus, Needs and Phases of the Buyer, and a number of useful strategies to help during the sale cycle.

Michael Bosworth proposes to begin the Sale Process by defining some Strategies that build the Vision of Pain based on Customer Needs.


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